IMG_0158Flowers to heal by!

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Rainy Days . .

IMG_0149. . . and rainbows always tickle my toes!

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Happy Hour at the Lady Mac!


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Another fabulous day in Paradise

Blue skies . . IMG_0128Or prickly pears . . IMG_0109The attitude is my choice.

Day 4 off  Facebook and I mentally feel better!

So far today only the cat has told me what to do and I have not bit my tongue once while virtually disagreeing with a friend.

Best thing is no one has tried to sell me anything, tell me how to improve my life and I have not had tears of injustice for my fellow humans treatment of each other.

Sad I don’t miss the good stuff.

I am going to make it a lovely day!

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Happy Happy Birthday Michael Morpurgo!!

Day 2 no FB. Think I feel better already . .

Today is my friend Michael Morpurgo’s birthday!

We have been friends since 1984!

July 1th long weekend, skip the long story, I had a bottle of tequila and salt, but no lemons. That would not do! I spotted the Keg down the street and went in the back entrance with my bottle of tequila and salt in search of a lemon. I announced to the empty hall I had a splash of tequila to trade for lemons, cut please.

Out of the office came Michael! Bam a life long friendship!

Please accept this wee gift my friend!

IMG_0139“The Lady in Cairo” 1976 Oil on board

But there is a catch . . you have to come up and get her!


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I had to get off of Facebook!

IMG_0138“Mother Nature’s Garden” 12 x 24″ in progress

The world does not need to know my political opinion . .

I don’t want to give them my opinion . . .

I don’t want to disagree with people I don’t know!

I need to get back to my art . . to much attention to the world . . .

I havn’t been painting that much unless you count the fence.

It is best if I just paint what I feel.

and these days . . the world gives me heartache!


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Now where are we?

Granny PB280055“Granny, AKA Molly Burke”, 1976, 36″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas

Granny is my very fave painting, is in my private collection and the first painting I see when I wake up!

She was done during my first attempt at art school at the Okanagan College in Kelowna. Unfortunately or fortunately they showed the class the most boring film of Sir Kenneth Clarke giving a lecture on Michelangelo.

The sculptures were beautiful and I decided at that moment I was going to see a real Michelangelo. Off I went to see the world and find a Michelangelo!

And that is another story completely!

Granny was my Father’s Mom!Granny-Web-copy

I never met her. Her real was Mary Pickering and the legend has it she was a Scottish opera star. Works for me!

Make it a lovely day on day 43, I think of lockdown!

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Art in Oliver!

Oliver Art 2020! Arty Smarty started with a snowfall and temperatures about 10 below . .  like burr! And still the parents got their little ones to class. That’s work!

We are featuring a hat trick of great little boys today. A set of twins with an older brother, that’s a lot of energy to get to class and as we say . . incoming!  They were sidetracked today and not that interested in the  planned project, but  they totally entertained themselves building snowmen  . . .  . . . with backgrounds. I thought the addition of a background by 4 and 5 year olds was a rather sophisticated thought. However that is what happens when they hit the “stuff box” and come up with their own ideas.Art Leza MacdonaldOf course we needed a side of  rainbows with those snowy mountains and creatures. I’m thinking Pokemon!

Art One-oh One got off to a great start! The first hour – a study of highlights and shadows in black charcoal and white chalk on a beautiful brown midtone drawing paper. Second hour a blast of colour on canvas. We have room for drop ins this cycle!

And now a lot of fun at Jackson Triggs Winery with our hostess Danielle Hutton. Spring Blossoms was the subject for this paint session! A little contrast and wishful thinking to those parkas and freezing temps!  Remember the set of twins and big brother . .  Mom needed a bit of adult time. I love her composition!leza macdonald art oliver rec centreAll we need now is your signature! Beautiful!Leza Macdonald Paint night artAnd that begins the Art in Oliver for 2020 . .  Great start!

Thank you to Danielle and Oliver Parks and Rec for a great weekend! It’s going to be a creative year!


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Oh Christmas Tree

Arty Smarty ended the cycle on Trees with a little hanging Christmas Tree.IMG_9252Sparkly Pipe Cleaners, Little presents . . . IMG_9256Teddy Bears and Candy Canes!IMG_9263It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

May the joy and peace of the season be with you!

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Sandra Albo at the Okanagan Art Gallery!

Sandra Albo sees the world through the colourful eyes of a very skilled artist.IMG_8562Similkamen Valleys Historical Trail” Pops off the wall and kisses your vision with warm yellows that lead to the trail. Wander along the vibrant reds, up into the mountains for fresh greens and blues and more wonderful zings of red.  Very exciting!

Sandra is president of The Okanagan Art Gallery, located at 8302 Main St,  in the neighbouring town of Osoyoos, about 15 min away. The gallery is open 11 am – 4 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.IMG_8548As well as being this creative talent, Sandra is a Wife, Mom to two kids, a Grandma and a grade one Teacher! She teaches drawing and art appreciation in elementary schools. Nice!

I do like to pick teachers brains. I aked her if she thought computers will replace crayons with the little ones?

Before I got the question out she was shaking her head yes then said “Computers have already replaced crayons! BUT the tactile experience is the number one way to learn. Great art programs with changing methods in teaching using these devices creatively helps. Yes, they are in a world of phones and computers!” IMG_8563Cathedral of Richters Pass” Enjoy the ride on the shadowy blue road taking you past those wonderful zings of reds into the sunshine. What is the story of this road trip? Enquiring minds want to know.

The OAG’s mandate is to include the public. Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 3.07.03 PM

Once a month we host a First Friday Reception for you to meet the artist and hear their stories about the works.

Sandra Albo’s next workshop will be Feb 28 and March 1 on Mediums – gels, impasto and glazing for richness.

Contact Sandra at 250.498.7359 for information.

Better still meet up with her at the Gallery.

Similkamen Valleys Historical Trail and Cathedral of Richters Pass by Sandra Albo are available for your collection pleasure at the Okanagan Art Gallery in Osoyoos.

Do come down and enjoy the amazing art and support the artists of the Okanagan Art Gallery!

See you First Friday!




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