Grandmothers for Africa Spring Bling

IMG_4693 Grandmothers for Africa Spring Bling for Africa Spring Bling held Friday, April 26th at Medici’s.  Bedding plants outside sold very quickly as did the huge selection of used jewelry inside.  The event made well over $1000 to be forwarded to the Stephen Lewis Foundation to support companion grandmothers in Africa who are working way harder than we do to see their orphaned grandkids have a chance for both health and education.  Barack Obama said, “You may live in the world as it is, but you can still work to create the world as it should be.”  Grandmothers linked together between Canada and Africa know that all too well.

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Good Morning Spring . . .

The sun light is gorgeous this morning!

More Mini Art available at Maker Place. “Cherry Blossoms” By me, Leza Macdonald, Acrylic Pour on Wood 2019, 3×8 inches

Had great fun yesterday hanging and labeling the two walls at Maker Place. I realized the walls are just big ole canvases that I like to design with art and labels pins and negative space.“Wine Glass” Rachel Gifford, Acrylic on Canvass.

We have a few of Rachel’s works. We invite you to view them at Maker Place on Station St. tomorrow, Thursday at 4 for a mini opening of Art Place at Maker Place.




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Mini Art Today

IMG_5913“Why did the Bunny Cross the Road”, Mixed Media, 4.5 inches tall

Todays featured Mini Art!

Good Morning!

I’ll be down at Maker Place hanging around . . . about noonish.

Find out why the Bunny Crossed the Road!


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Block Letters a painting by Robin Bell

Detail of Block Letters by Robin Bell

Good morning Oliver welcome to a fabulous day in paradise.

Little bit of pink decorator clouds first thing this morning and looks like a sunny day. Great to get out in garden.

Robin Bells “Block Letters” a mixed media of found objects, representing the letters of the alphabet, collaged onto tiny canvases, then mounted on a yellow background of letters and textures to create this fabulous piece for any home. 

Available for collection at Maker Place.

Station St., Oliver BC

For more information on “Block Letters” or other paintings available at Maker Place stop by or connect with Leza at

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Good Morning Oliver! I’m Back

I took a little vacation from the Internet and it felt good. Where am I?

 I am at Maker Place on Station Street in Oliver. I have rented the two walls.

On one wall I put up my art.

And on the other wall I will have other artists work.

It’s a little mini Leza Macdonald Art Gallery and I call it Art Place at Maker Place.

You know how I like to showcase other people’s artwork.

So far I have prepared the walls which is my favorite things to do and hung the paintings. Next Thursday April 11 I will have a wee opening just for fun and I plan to keep it simple.

I took a staycation from the Internet because of my addiction to American politics! It helped! I spent time playing in my garden getting it prepared to enjoy a lovely spring and summer. Not sure what’s going to happen and I feel a humongous change coming on especially because I’m going to be 65, that’s a pensioner you know!

So we’ll be hanging out at Maker Place. 

I’ll be the one on the bench out front drinking coffee when it tickles my fancy. 

Come chat do look at the art! It is there for your collecting pleasure!

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Ô-CELLI concert review


Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.01.29 AM

By Val Friesen

The Ô-CELLI concert Friday evening, March 29th in the Venables, was the perfect endpiece to this season’s South Okanagan Concert Society’s series of concerts. Excellent choice, and it enchanted the sold-out audience! The eight cellists come from major European orchestras and chamber groups, and have toured much of the world since their formation in Belgium in 2010.

Ô-CELLI are superb musicians, and the program they put together featured much joyful music. Each piece was given a brief, relaxed introduction with a few helpful words to set the mood for a musical journey through sunny Italy, Spain, Argentina and Mexico (with hints of Cuba). The music was arranged for cello octet to highlight all the wondrous sonorities of that beloved instrument. The tonal, rhythmic and percussive possibilities were fully explored by musicians who know what they’re doing, love what they’re doing, and know how to delight, move and entertain their audience. And really, that’s why we go to concerts, isn’t it? And maybe also to hear something or someone new, a fresh interpretation, or a work or artist that touches deeply. In the case of this concert, it was all of the above, much to the joy of the listeners.

The first piece, the overture to Verdi’s opera, The Forces of Destiny, is a dramatic piece predicting the treachery and doom in the opera it introduces, so if not exactly setting the mood for a joyous evening, it did provide the octet with the opportunity to display their ensemble playing—which was precise and sensitive. And there was no doom in the wondrous music which followed.

The next three pieces brought to life the essential rhythms, melodies, and warmth and passion that is the essence of Spanish music—you could nearly smell the olives and the Mediterranean air. How the composers (de Falla and Turina, and the Frenchman Chabrier) captured this essence in their delightful compositions is part of the magic of music, but equally impressive is how Ô-CELLI gave it life.

The program continued after the intermission with Nina Rota’s famous and touching “La Strada” from Fellini’s 1954 film of the same name, followed by three pieces composed by the king of tangos, Argentina’s Astor Piazzolla. The second of those, “Milonga del Angel,” was for me a personal highlight of the evening, so soulful and beautiful, played exquisitely by the octet.

The contemporary Barcelona composer, Oriol Cruxient’s modern piece, “Fa Do,” featured some fascinating drumming on the cello itself to accompany the melodies shifting about through the various players.

The last piece, “Danzon #2” (1994) by the Mexican composer, Arturo Marquez, was performed spectacularly bringing its Cuban dance rhythms to life. Simply charming.

And yes, the standing ovation required an encore. And what a surprise! Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” to cap off an absolutely unforgettable musical evening.

What a wonderful concert. Thank you, Ô-CELLI! And thanks to the members of SOCS who spend many volunteer hours to enhance life in our community, and special thanks to the sponsors who make it all so affordable. Concerts such as this truly enrich our lives.

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Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 1.59.43 PM

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