This show is For the Birds!

The Birds were in the Nest!

Oliver came to enjoy the Fibre Art Show “For the Birds” at the Quails Nest Art Centre on Airport St. Open till 4pm this afternoon.

88 exquisitely crafted 8 inch square works by 62 members tell their story with thread and fabric embellished with feathers, beads and magical treasures.

The lacy wings and the Monet-esk background of Yvonne Carlson’s swan “Tranquility”
give Marion Boyd a smile!

Marianne doesn’t like an 8 inch square box!
Her beautifully quilted feather gently floats down to the edge of constraint.
What every bird needs!
Great grand daughter designs! Great Grandma quilts!
We can all totally relate to Covid Art! May Judi’s piece make it fly away!
Bird interrupted with Freshly Ground Pepper! by Ranjeet Dhaliwal

Love the sense of humour Ranjeet has!

Time for brunch . . eggs over hard with pepper!

May I suggest you fly on down to the Quails Nest Art Studio this afternoon. Show is open till 4pm. Enjoy and support these amazing Fibre Artists.

I learned a few terms at the show my fav one is “Thread Painting”.

The show For the Birds is beginning a three year tour.

For information to have this delightful show at a venue near you connect with

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