Something Yellow

Happy Easter.

Yellow is a good colour for Easter.

Something Yellow Oil on Canvass 1977

Artists Collection

Simple beginning for this painting. I had a lot of yellow leftover and I said to myself I must paint something yellow!

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Rock and Roll in Oliver!

The lovely and talented Carolyn Bowering and I did the town up proud and danced our little hearts out Thursday night to the rocking sound of Rebel Luv.

Oliver Community Arts Council presents Rebel Luv – Oliver Community Stage
Thursday August 19, 2021
Photo by: Dora Stelkia

Oh my can Mikie and Kenny ever sing!

Oliver Community Arts Council presents Rebel Luv – Oliver Community Stage
Thursday August 19, 2021
Photo by: Dora Stelkia

Mikie said I could paint Kenny’s hair so I did. On stage in front of the audience! How much fun was that. I have wanted to paint his hair forever . . .

Mikie hair is always splashy and vibrant! Last night she topped that fabulous voice with pink and blue bangs, and accented her silver hair in indigo side sweeps on top of fuchsia pink mid length and topped it all off with a cascading turquoise length . . styling Mikie.

Now Kenny with his delightful curls was a canvas that just crooned for a wee splash of colour.

Love the results . . and Kenny is a great sport! And really Matchy Matchy with Mikie . . I was happy!

Oliver needed to get out and remember who we are, a small town, living in Mother Nature’s desert. The only one in Canada.

We have sweet dry air, beautiful land, I love to just look at the land, however the people really make this town. The residents and the tourist. We can get along and we can argue but when push comes to shove we come together in our own ways.

I met an artist at Music in the Park, Maureen Walker. MJ’s Objets d’Art.

Maureen teaches Paverpol. A fabric sculpture technique using old t-shirts and this product. I have wanted to know about this stuff for ages.

Sooooo not only did I win the prize of a wine bottle decoration, I have decided to buy myself her class for my 67th birthday . . how did I get so old. It is about the wing flaps I see while painting Ken’s hair!

Please join me on Sept 20th at the unearthly hour of 8:30ish Monday morning! There will be coffee!

Connect with Maureen at for more info.

Oliver Community Arts Council presents Rebel Luv – Oliver Community Stage
Thursday August 19, 2021
Selfie Photo by: Dora Stelkia

And the fabulous photog Dora Stelkia let me paint her hair a bit blue too. Painting hair totally entertains me!

We have so much fun in Oliver it make up for the smoky air . . which gives amazing sunrises and sunsets. Sometimes you really got to look for the good!

Lots more happening in Oliver this weekend.

Check out×100/

To see what is happening in our community today!

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Pray for Rain

Pray for Rain Grade 11 or 12

Pray for Rain is the first painting I ever did on canvas. I was so excited to be painting on a real canvas I did not know you had to prime it first.

Not available for your collecting pleasure!

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Meet the family!

The Pickering Girls, Mary Pickering on the left seated was our Grandmother,
the Scottish Opera singer Molly Burke. Digitally colourized.
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Mission Possible

Mission Possible 48″X60″ Acrylic on Canvas Collected
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I don’t paint horses asses or landscapes! I paint!

On the easel at the moment is the “Wee Shaolin”. This will be my wonderful cats last portrait!

The painting will not be available for collection!

The Wee Shaolin, 2021

Leza Macdonald

Acrylic on Canvas 24″ X 24″

The background is a wash of sparkly blue, like her eyes and for something very different for me, Shaolin’s fur is done with acrylic pen. One hair at a time.

Enjoy my virtual gallery!

And make it a good day, because it is up to us!

Bless Mother Nature!

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More Birds “For the Birds”

Oliver Photog Val Friesen flew into the Quail’s Nest to enjoy the Fibre Art Network show.

Party Line by Yvonne Carlson
Bird Watching by Marianne Parsons
arianne shows off “Mr Toucan”. Designed by 6yr old Great Granddaughter Jordyn Black and realized by R. Leslie Forbes

Thanks photographer Val Friesen for supporting the Fibre Art Network and sending your wonderful photos to

The show “For the Birds” has wrapped up!

“For the Birds” flies off to begin a three year tour! For information to have this creative show in a venue near you connect with

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This show is For the Birds!

The Birds were in the Nest!

Oliver came to enjoy the Fibre Art Show “For the Birds” at the Quails Nest Art Centre on Airport St. Open till 4pm this afternoon.

88 exquisitely crafted 8 inch square works by 62 members tell their story with thread and fabric embellished with feathers, beads and magical treasures.

The lacy wings and the Monet-esk background of Yvonne Carlson’s swan “Tranquility”
give Marion Boyd a smile!

Marianne doesn’t like an 8 inch square box!
Her beautifully quilted feather gently floats down to the edge of constraint.
What every bird needs!
Great grand daughter designs! Great Grandma quilts!
We can all totally relate to Covid Art! May Judi’s piece make it fly away!
Bird interrupted with Freshly Ground Pepper! by Ranjeet Dhaliwal

Love the sense of humour Ranjeet has!

Time for brunch . . eggs over hard with pepper!

May I suggest you fly on down to the Quails Nest Art Studio this afternoon. Show is open till 4pm. Enjoy and support these amazing Fibre Artists.

I learned a few terms at the show my fav one is “Thread Painting”.

The show For the Birds is beginning a three year tour.

For information to have this delightful show at a venue near you connect with

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They didn’t believe the children!

Residential School Walk to Remember
Oliver followed and listened.
This says it all.
“They did not believe the children” said Jane Stelkia, survivor of the residential school in Kamloops.
Changes are needed and our young ones are the place to start.
Friendships made.
Rocks laid.
Bernice Falkus, survivor of the residential school in Kamloops, placed a rock at the wall.
The wall has plaques with Bernice’s name and the name of 68 other Osoyoos Indian Band members.
Some did not come home.
Today we came together.

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What does want to accomplish? is the arts, culture and good news of the people of Oliver. has no fires, floods, famines, plagues or arguments.

Who is

Us! The people of Oliver starting with Me!


Leza Macdonald full time, all my life Artist! Retired Photographer, retired graphic designer!

For over 40 years I photoed politicians, CEO’s and scientist from all over the world. Screwed up in front of the Prez of Mexico, the Beach Boys and the CEO of Alcan . . Whatever . . . Lots of dancers, fashion, babies and as few weddings as possible! So my brides know how much I cared about them and the memories we were about to create!

No need for weightlifting, I carried 17 to 21 lbs of gear ever time I went out. That was just my camera bag. (please note upon retirement I bought a pink camera bag, as seen above). I could transport an 18 by 12 foot, 3 light set on one trolly, build and strike it in less than half an hour.

I have 40 covers to my credit and have built over 200 books most with advertising.

As an Artist/photographer I have had many shows, the icing being in Paris. “The Power of Women”. I produce this show and participated.

For two years I had a column in the Oliver Chronicle” Leza Asks Oliver”. I loved that column. That shall be revived under another name.

My signature is on a few murals in town. That big one on Main street, I am very proud of! My Crew and I brought that in on time and on budget . . . one of my fav sayings in biz.

And I have worked for and tried to buy . . . no comments here . . . Oliver Daily News. . .

I have been around.

What’s next? will showcase a select collection of my art and make it available for your collecting pleasure. will showcase others art, poetry and add links to websites. I invite others to participate. Send me photos of your events. will provide advertising space for retail and events.

To connect with me for info please email me at

Stay tuned for some good news!

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