The Door to Transparency

A new Sculpture from Leza Macdonald!

Transparency a word politically thrown around these days!

In progress, The Door to Transparency.

Mixed Media, two sides, footprint 20 x 20 inches, 6 ft tall, made from clay, wood, fabric and paint!

The Door

The Transparency

The thought process!

The Door to Transparency . . in progress!

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Shattered Armour

A sculpture by Leza Macdonald

Go to your room said Covid 19! So I did!

Some  parts don’t fit as well as they did in the past!

Others better!

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The Tiki Hut

Laced up the work boots for some manual labour! A girl has got to dress for the occasion when waving around a carpenters pencil!

Dug four more post holes! Yup up to 10 this summer! I’m thinking that is enough!

Adding some glamour to Freds’ sea-mented posts, the sisters stopped by for some social distancing. The posts are 7 feet apart. Dr. Bonnie will be happy!

Artist Wendy Wells-Bailey stylin’ a little nautical number and her sister, PR Girl/Artist Diane Carter stunning in burnt orange accessorized with turquoise and the cutest little tone on tone shoes!

Ladies, the perfect ensembles to wear to the grocery store! Thanks for the visit! Always great conversations!IMG_0420 (1)

As I say . . . .

I wave my little carpenters pencil in the air and Fred makes it in 3d! Only better! Fabulous! Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 12.01.40 PMScreen Shot 2020-07-15 at 8.49.16 AM

I have renamed the Tiki Hut, Lady Macs’ Lounge!


The master builder, Fred Allen, signing our masterpiece! The Lady Mac Lounge! The structure is beautifully crafted and strong like bull . .  it is not going anywhere in the wind!

I dug the post holes, did I mention that already? Stained 550 length of cedar lath and waved my carpenters pencil, my favourite part.

I am very good at the position of non-working foreman.

Thank you Fred! It is beautiful

I’ll take you on a tour for the Lady Mac Happy Hour a bit later!

. . . NEXT . . .

Greenhouse . . .

then treehouse . . .

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Woman’s Work . .

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Ball point pen.

IMG_4761More than the word.

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Monday Monday . . .

IMG_0289A nice slow start to the week.

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Happy Happy Sunday!

IMG_0231I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now . . . .IMG_0241

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Happy Hour at the Lady Mac

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The Salmon Chief

IMG_0190By Smoker Marchand!

Oliver has a new sculpture!



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Notice anything new?

IMG_0177Mom and Dad got a brand new brood!

Two weeks off Facebook and I have found my nose. Now I have something I can follow!

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