Desert Eagle Soars

Dan Hodson’s heavy metal Eagle soars to the sky for Desert Eagle’s Sculpture Installation at Tinhorn Creek Winery from May 23rd to May 30th.

Dan and his son like to play with cars. He combine that with his daughter love of photography after she left her camera on the table and asked Dad to return it. The rest is photographic history. The results of pairing fine photography with beautiful old car parts is a stunning statement to mixed media!

Back again, by popular demand, artist Wendy Wells-Bailey will have three of her sculptures available for your perusal. Come down and enjoy the view with “Harmony”.

Sculptures are available for your collecting pleasure! We look forward to seeing you at Tinhorn Creek Winery May 23rd to May 30.

Enjoy fine wines paired with fine art.

Tinhorn Creek Vineyard
537 Tinhorn Creek Road
Oliver B.C.

Hours:10am to 4:30 pm daily
Desert Eagle Fine Art 604 308 3995 or Tinhorn Creek 250 498-3743
Call 604 308-3995 or visit our website at

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