Happy Hour at the Lady Mac

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The Salmon Chief

IMG_0190By Smoker Marchand!

Oliver has a new sculpture!



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Notice anything new?

IMG_0177Mom and Dad got a brand new brood!

Two weeks off Facebook and I have found my nose. Now I have something I can follow!

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Lady Mac Happy Hour on the road!

IMG_4690Took the Lady Mac Boa out for some conversation with my mentor’s sisters Diane and Wendy!IMG_4692Then off to Second Chapter for a wee tasting  and to check out the lovely Dianne Gibson who has a job at 60!



Need we say more . . .

IMG_4697We invite you to come on up to Canada’s Wine Capital, Oliver BC, for some fun in the sun and a wee splash of many fine vintages!

Smile it is the Happy Hour!

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IMG_0158Flowers to heal by!

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Rainy Days . .

IMG_0149. . . and rainbows always tickle my toes!

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Happy Hour at the Lady Mac!


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Another fabulous day in Paradise

Blue skies . . IMG_0128Or prickly pears . . IMG_0109The attitude is my choice.

Day 4 off  Facebook and I mentally feel better!

So far today only the cat has told me what to do and I have not bit my tongue once while virtually disagreeing with a friend.

Best thing is no one has tried to sell me anything, tell me how to improve my life and I have not had tears of injustice for my fellow humans treatment of each other.

Sad I don’t miss the good stuff.

I am going to make it a lovely day!

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Happy Happy Birthday Michael Morpurgo!!

Day 2 no FB. Think I feel better already . .

Today is my friend Michael Morpurgo’s birthday!

We have been friends since 1984!

July 1th long weekend, skip the long story, I had a bottle of tequila and salt, but no lemons. That would not do! I spotted the Keg down the street and went in the back entrance with my bottle of tequila and salt in search of a lemon. I announced to the empty hall I had a splash of tequila to trade for lemons, cut please.

Out of the office came Michael! Bam a life long friendship!

Please accept this wee gift my friend!

IMG_0139“The Lady in Cairo” 1976 Oil on board

But there is a catch . . you have to come up and get her!


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I had to get off of Facebook!

IMG_0138“Mother Nature’s Garden” 12 x 24″ in progress

The world does not need to know my political opinion . .

I don’t want to give them my opinion . . .

I don’t want to disagree with people I don’t know!

I need to get back to my art . . to much attention to the world . . .

I havn’t been painting that much unless you count the fence.

It is best if I just paint what I feel.

and these days . . the world gives me heartache!


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