What does Lezaonline.ca want to accomplish?

Lezaonline.ca is the arts, culture and good news of the people of Oliver.

Lezaonline.ca has no fires, floods, famines, plagues or arguments.

Who is Lezaonline.ca?

Us! The people of Oliver starting with Me!


Leza Macdonald full time, all my life Artist! Retired Photographer, retired graphic designer!

For over 40 years I photoed politicians, CEO’s and scientist from all over the world. Screwed up in front of the Prez of Mexico, the Beach Boys and the CEO of Alcan . . Whatever . . . Lots of dancers, fashion, babies and as few weddings as possible! So my brides know how much I cared about them and the memories we were about to create!

No need for weightlifting, I carried 17 to 21 lbs of gear ever time I went out. That was just my camera bag. (please note upon retirement I bought a pink camera bag, as seen above). I could transport an 18 by 12 foot, 3 light set on one trolly, build and strike it in less than half an hour.

I have 40 covers to my credit and have built over 200 books most with advertising.

As an Artist/photographer I have had many shows, the icing being in Paris. “The Power of Women”. I produce this show and participated.

For two years I had a column in the Oliver Chronicle” Leza Asks Oliver”. I loved that column. That shall be revived under another name.

My signature is on a few murals in town. That big one on Main street, I am very proud of! My Crew and I brought that in on time and on budget . . . one of my fav sayings in biz.

And I have worked for and tried to buy . . . no comments here . . . Oliver Daily News. . .

I have been around.

What’s next?

Lezaonline.ca will showcase a select collection of my art and make it available for your collecting pleasure.

Lezaonline.ca will showcase others art, poetry and add links to websites. I invite others to participate. Send me photos of your events.

Lezaonline.ca will provide advertising space for retail and events.

To connect with me for info please email me at leza@eastlink.ca

Stay tuned for some good news!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Would love to see this on a regular basis

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