Bella Bones was in the House!

Art One-Oh-One at Oliver Parks and Rec, Saturday morns at 11 welcomed its favourite model and her handler Dancer Andrea Gunnlagson Furlan. IMG_8434Everyone looked, thought carefully about what they were going to draw, then drew details of Bella in their sketchbooks.IMG_8440Andrea you assistant needs a sandwhich! Love this pose!IMG_8439The Artists were all very quiet and concentrating on their large sketches on newsprint.IMG_8442Why are Bella and Andrea lying down on the job?IMG_3734Difficult pose but it really shows the spin in action. It is also more difficult with pen and ink! IMG_3738We cover a lot in class. This is a very advanced drawing class for this level and everyone did great. I throw them into the deep end and let them pencil themselves out. This week I’ll throw them the life line. Now that they know the challenges, I’ll give them tips to help with their drawings.IMG_8446Andrea you and Bella are the best!! Thank you!

Art One-Oh-One Saturday’s at 11:00. Oliver Parks and Rec.

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1 Response to Bella Bones was in the House!

  1. We love coming- Bella says it is the highlight of her fall!

    Your artists have the biggest hearts and are so generous.


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