A Moon Gate Opens

Welcome to the new home of Oliveronline.ca.

I opened a MoonGate and nailed 2 doors shut!

After months of packing and packing and renos and renos and MOVING and more renos I finally have a space to grow in.

I feel like I spent 2 and a half years rotting!

Downsizing is not fun when you have 10,500 lbs of STUFF!

And really did the movers have to tell me that weight??

I did think I was moving into a smaller place however when I had the floor put in, gave up the white cork for a light grey marmoleum . . budget . .  I realized that my little trailer with the addition is only 25 square feet smaller.

I moved into a trailer, it has wheels and a hitch, so if I feel like it . . NOT . . I could move it!

Not interested in that amount of work! And I don’t think my little bucket of bolts, I call her the Lady Mac, could handle the stress on the metal.

So now that I have a new place for my pencils and crayons and I do look forward to more art!

After all I still haven’t created my best work yet!

Welcome and enjoy! What is next . . . time will tell!

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1 Response to A Moon Gate Opens

  1. arjaybe says:

    What? No pictures of your yard? Okay, one.

    The MoonGate looks great.


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