The Silence of the Fish

Hell froze over! I left the valley!

I don’t like to travel anymore and where was I?

On the Road . . . again! But with just one little camera and not even a flash!

Dianne waved the carrot of fashion, go-fast boats and a visit with a special friend in front of my nose and poof . . there we were in Victoria.

I met a fabulous crew spearheaded by Catherine Larose and Matt Laprairie, a great bunch of photogs, loved watching them shoot and a delightful, brilliant group of young women — designers, models, hair and make-up with other jobs like nurse, physician and author.

This was my retirement party . . . I actually sat back and watched more than I thought “got to get that shot”.

These days I like to take pictures of my cat, my paintings, horses, praying mantises  and my irises . . . and what ever else tickles MY fancy!

At one point I was sitting in the warmth of  “The Assanté” a 150 Ft yacht, rough . . . looking at the 5 photogs on deck battling not nice wind conditions and thinking I don’t need to get that photo. The photo of the dress all blown around was taken from the deck. That was as uncomfortable as I got.

. . . . and I knew with their skills and big guns their photos would be fabulous . . . .  and they better prove me right!

I like to tell a story with my camera!

This is the story of Dianne Gibson presenting her Art Piece, created from ocean plastic, the dress Silence of the Fish and two garments from her ready to wear line, Off the Cuts at the Opening Of the Victoria International Marina.

Dianne spent months designing and creating the Silence of the Fish.

The plastic for the corset arrived from Ocean’s Legacy. It was washed but was looking a bit scary. Dianne made a pattern with her model Crystal’s measurements, they had not met yet, cut the pieces out . . plastic does not cut easy!  Sewed in the boning, fasteners, set grommets with the gills at the back, tackled the lacing of the neck corset to the body corset. Lots of work and construction skills.

For the skirt, Dianne built a white cage crinoline. Layered real ocean black fish netting,  the same netting dolphins and turtles get caught in.

The icing on the dress was a white plastic train with black ruffle that billowed in the wind, embellished with plastic roses arranged in the shape of the maple leaf . . .  after all it was Canada Day!

Brilliant! Brilliant! Is all I can say!

Dianne’s ready to wear line . . .  “Off the Cuts” was elegant, easy to wear and made from fabric that was headed to the landfills. You catch a glimpse of Pauline Yee and Stephanie Coughlan wearing the garments laughing with Dianne.

The day after, we were shooting at a castle, model Everline Aboke was available for an unscheduled  garment!

Dianne was ready! She had brought some of her extra corsets and with the netting from Oceans Legacy, the old black caged crinoline, she put together the ensemble you see in front of the castle.

With the netting from the sea, Everline added to the look by wrapping it around her head. A powerful thought!

We both felt very short that day. . .  I do hope we get a photo of us dressing Everline!

To sum this up, all of this work, skill, nerves and patience was for a 6 minute runway walk.

In that 6 minutes The Silence of the Fish spoke volumes!

Congratulations Dianne!

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  1. carolyn bowering says:

    glorious and glamorous


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