We’re Back!

The adventures of Dianne and Leza . . . With all the challenges, all the pressure and the logistical chaos of a fashion show, our first road trip together was great fun!

I learned three things on this trip. 

One – how to take a selfie and send it to Facebook.

How to use Siri as a timer! 

Really . . .  my the wonders of modern technology! 

And thirdly that modern technology is one of the big problems. 

Modern technology is a major factor contributing to the poor health of our planet.

What has happened to all the plastics that we have been throwing into the ocean? 

I remember a Donahue Show in the 80’s about barges taking New York garbage into the ocean and dumping it!

Plastic today goes to the same place the very first plastic bag that was ever made went. 

Forever land!

These plastics are breaking down to small pieces, but not breaking down to an environmentally safe  form. The micro plastic is being covered by plankton, the fish in the oceans are eating the plankton . . . think about the food chain. Imagine feeding your pet a diet of plastic, hidden in their food? 

Next time I enjoy a fish dinner, I will wonder if that fish has consumed plastic and now am I dinning on micro plastics!

Photo by Lorraine NygaardDianne Gibson’s dress, Silence of the Fish, designed from recycle ocean plastic supplied by The Ocean’s Legacy Foundation for the fashion show is a beautiful creative way to bring awareness to what we have done to our Oceans!

Opened my eyes!

Now how do we fix it?

Let me see what am I willing to give up?

My camera? Made from plastics! NOT

My fav spatula, a plastic . . . Maybe.

My car, lots of plastic there, not to mention the whole fossil fuel thing . .

Nope not one of those things.

However, I have little nylon bags . . . yup . . . a type of plastic, I have put my veggies and fruits into for years. I bought them at the old Buy-low. So how long is that?

If I consider a plastic bag for onions, potatoes, tomatoes and strawberries per week, I   estimate in a year I have not used at least 220 plastic fruit and veggie bags.

It is a wee start!

Photo by Lorraine NygaardPhoto by Lorraine Nygaard

Thank you Lorraine Nygaard. Our very gracious hostess.


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2 Responses to We’re Back!

  1. Gail Owen says:

    Very well prepared and presented. Thank-you for bring so much attention to our waste that we produce for our lazy life. I, for one, am trying to take as much of plastic out of my life today!


  2. arjaybe says:

    Frank Zappa warned us about plastic people in the ’60s. I think he’d be pissed at how much worse it has become.


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