24 hours to go!

So we made it without a glitch . . not!

First stop Cherries . . . tasty cherries in Cawston . . remember this town.

Wonderful easy, no traffic, drive to Gastown where we stayed with my neighbour the amazing Tania, you might remember her when she surprised us on International Men’s Day!

Dianne and I had a wonderful night she hot tubbed on the roof, I wondered around the old hood. 28 Powell street looks the same. I do like the way they have added lights, glass and metal window and door treatments to the old brick and mortar buildings. Beautiful.

I felt invigorated on Hastings and Carrol at 10pm. I love being in the middle of the city!

Wondered into the gorgeous restaurant PiDGiN owned by the amazing young man Brandon Grossutti. When Brandon was younger he use to help me with my book cover unveilings. Will always love him to bits!

Okay so it is Saturday morn!

Mini repacked – dress – check, camera – check wallet . . . wallet . . . WALLET!@#$$$$#@!

This is not good . . back track the only place I took it out was . . . . Cherries in Cawston!@#$#@!

Swear word . . . .

Solution – phone friend in Cawston and try to describe fruit stand while in a panic.

30 min later my bright pink wallet is found!

Great  . . but I am here in the big city with no money to SHOP!! A girl has got to shop! Swear word again . . .

That challenge is over now onto the ferry! Ummm on to the ferry . . . at the ticket gate the Mini starts to hiccup, ticket girl says it does not sound good.

4 Palms are sweating at this time

We are advised to call guy in vest if we get into trouble . . .

Hell no we are getting on that ferry. We both exhale on the downhill ramp as we coasted onto the ferry!

Lovely trip across the water!

Okay now to get off the ferry . . all is well till we hit the snail pace ferry traffic to Victoria.

Two or three pull out of traffic and finally a gas station . . closed!

Swear word!

So I get out the manual reading what we should do, Dianne is under the hood doing what should be done and voila car works. All we are going to say on that!

Finally we are at Lorraine’s. Our friend from design school! She was rehearsing  for her gig last night!

We tried to fit 40 years of adventures into one glass of wine. So much fun so many stories . . . . to be continued!

Dinner time.

Dianne is hanging with relatives and Cousin says we should go to Spinikers. Okay were new in town and away we go.

Just so happens it has a view of the Victoria International Marina, the runway for Dianne’s dress .

She can’t stop looking at it. I can see her wheels turning.

Okay now we are really excited!

But wait!

One more amazing story!

I am looking at the beautiful woman intently listening to her friend. We don’t see that kind of listening very often.

Dianne looks at this lovely woman she is taking to . . .

Well . .

Turns out we are seated next to Catherine Larose, Natural Talent Alliance, whose idea this all is and  Chloé Dubois from Ocean Legacy a global non-profit organization dedicated to ending plastic pollution.

And now it is Sunday morning!

Time to rock and roll!


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