Sandra Albo at the Okanagan Art Gallery!

Sandra Albo sees the world through the colourful eyes of a very skilled artist.IMG_8562Similkamen Valleys Historical Trail” Pops off the wall and kisses your vision with warm yellows that lead to the trail. Wander along the vibrant reds, up into the mountains for fresh greens and blues and more wonderful zings of red.  Very exciting!

Sandra is president of The Okanagan Art Gallery, located at 8302 Main St,  in the neighbouring town of Osoyoos, about 15 min away. The gallery is open 11 am – 4 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.IMG_8548As well as being this creative talent, Sandra is a Wife, Mom to two kids, a Grandma and a grade one Teacher! She teaches drawing and art appreciation in elementary schools. Nice!

I do like to pick teachers brains. I aked her if she thought computers will replace crayons with the little ones?

Before I got the question out she was shaking her head yes then said “Computers have already replaced crayons! BUT the tactile experience is the number one way to learn. Great art programs with changing methods in teaching using these devices creatively helps. Yes, they are in a world of phones and computers!” IMG_8563Cathedral of Richters Pass” Enjoy the ride on the shadowy blue road taking you past those wonderful zings of reds into the sunshine. What is the story of this road trip? Enquiring minds want to know.

The OAG’s mandate is to include the public. Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 3.07.03 PM

Once a month we host a First Friday Reception for you to meet the artist and hear their stories about the works.

Sandra Albo’s next workshop will be Feb 28 and March 1 on Mediums – gels, impasto and glazing for richness.

Contact Sandra at 250.498.7359 for information.

Better still meet up with her at the Gallery.

Similkamen Valleys Historical Trail and Cathedral of Richters Pass by Sandra Albo are available for your collection pleasure at the Okanagan Art Gallery in Osoyoos.

Do come down and enjoy the amazing art and support the artists of the Okanagan Art Gallery!

See you First Friday!




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