The Plainsrunner Chapter 3 & 4


“There are two chapters together today, because one of them is pretty small.  In chapter three, Sage learned a little about the artifact, but just enough to make her wonder even more.  Today she experiments a little with it, and has her first experience with a day flier.  As her exile becomes more real, she begins to wonder if she will survive, and what would be the point.


Jim and I want to thank you for enjoying his book!

Oliveronline is a photojournalistic site about Oliver Artists! Jim’s writing is an art and a perfect compliment to oliveronline!

I so love the feed back we are getting from his book.

Again we thank you!

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3 Responses to The Plainsrunner Chapter 3 & 4

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  2. Laird Smith says:

    This is a great story and I’m enjoying the read! Thursday can’t come soon enough.

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