The stars were out last night!

Lorraine Horn’s show opened to a full house. This unique, sculptural collection is a delight to enjoy! Great fun was had by all.Eleanor fellow artist, left and Lorraine, styling in a long black dress and a gorgeous red taffeta jacket looked stunning for her opening!

Sally my enforcer, long time reining Queen of the Oliver Art World, with Brandon a student of ours from years ago . . . how did he get so tall? . . .with the styling happy artist Lorraine. Brittney, the artist Granddaughter, was as styling as her Grandma. So nice to see the generations at the art show.

Our own gallery Artist Diane Gane arrived with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

Music was supplied by the Itty Bitty Jam Band!

Rob Horn

Rolly St. Amand


Cliff Remple

What a gorgeous, loving couple Lorraine and Rob Horn.

Such a fun opening! Lots of people enjoyed the art, met new people, and I over heard some interesting conversation going on!

It was a delight to see lots of young people there.

And the “bohemian artists” Diane Gane, Dianne Gibson, Diane Carter, Wendy Bailey and Moi were all on our best behaviour because we had Pastor Jason, great guy and Pastor Jeremy, finally got to formally met him, talented photog, in the house! It was hard but we did good!

Nice to see Glen the principal of You Learn, we have worked together for many years! There might be a story here in the future. You Learn is a great program!

Chiropractor Dr. Brandt Leinor and family, lots of talent here! Brandt is another amazing photog, were out to support Lorraine.

The Arts are so well supported in Oliver, I thank the community.

Lorraine’s show will be in the gallery till the end of the month. She will also be painting in the gallery a few days a week. Come on down and have some fun chatting up the Artist!

6250 Main St. Oliver BC

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