Good Morning Oliver

A great weekend in Oliver. Saturday night I was out with the ladies to see “Big Sugar” at Tinhorn Winery.

Nothing like rocking and rolling at an outside concert!

Only in Canada! Eh!

The Wild Women are out in full force.Sue James Butterfly was fluttering around the library. I do love what can be done with an MOG dress, some make up and wait till you see the full look! Flutter by beautiful butterfly.

Hilary is the perfect Lynx. Her hair is the crowning glory to her costume. Wait till you see her Spirit Animal on the prowl.

More Wild Woman to come. I am totally enjoying the fact that these ladies let me paint them, put them in an uncomfortable position and promise them they will love the photo. This is the most fun Wild Woman so far. Can’t wait for them to paint their self portraits!

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3 Responses to Good Morning Oliver

  1. Hilary Drummond says:

    It was so much fun Leza. Cant wait for the painting party!!


  2. Susanne James. says:

    Awesome experience. Can’t wait to see all the photos of the Wild Women.


  3. Trish says:

    Fantastic wild women art Leza and models!!


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