Wild Women of Oliver!

What is the Wild Wild Woman Workshop?

Since 2010, I have facilitated a Wild Woman Workshop. This year we are our spirit animals. The ladies, like Aimee and Tiffany let me make them up, do their hair, this year we sent these two off to the dressmaker, Dianne Gibson for wardrobe.

I get to design their fantasy photograph, then all the ladies get together for a two day work shop to paint themselves from the photos. It is fun, empowering and we all bond in a very special way. This is really out side of the box for most of them.

Tiffany’s spirt animal is an Owl. Here she is with her hair and make up done minus her lips. The final photos will be revealed to the ladies when they are together and ready to paint.Aimee’s spirt animal is a peacock, she is looking very sedate compared to the final photo, we did not use that blue fabric. I just love how the ladies let me paint their faces. A very different canvas for me.

This year the workshop booked up very fast. With individual permission I will post the Wild Women’s pre photos. The final show will be at . . the Leza Macdonald Art Gallery on Main St. in Oliver.

Dianne the dressmaker, Tiffany, the wee one, Aimee and the photog!

Next year the theme is Steampunk!

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