Dear Oliver

The Grand Opening of Beyond Bliss and The Gallery was a great success. Guests were greated by Barbie and Ken dressed elegantly in matching black boas accessorized with just a little black balloon beckoning you to come inside for a visual treat.And just what is she wearing was the question on these guest mind as they examined Diane Gane’s sculpture dressed beautifully in a coat of paint.

Out and about supporting the arts, the Dressmaker Dianne Gibson, Sue Alexander from Alexander Ink and Midge Wyse from Burrowing Owl helped make the evening special. A big thank you to Midge and Jim Wyse for sponsoring the Wine. And all the other stuff they do for the community.

Wild Woman Patty Gebbie styling in that wonderful  hat with Artist Cal looking very fashionable in his own cap!

Now this looks serious, three Wild Women in a row, Patty, Diane Gane our feature artist and Polly.

Thank you Mr Mayor for your continued support of Main Street and the Arts in Oliver.

Kirk, styling in that Mooseaum of fine art tee and Norberto, two of the RipOffs Artists, who will be showing at the Gallery next month, seen here with the lovely Marianne.

The lovely Paige Riley, a student for many years, now out in the world building her own career. So nice to see you!

Thank you all for coming down to the Grand Opening of Beyond Bliss and Leza Macdonald Art Gallery. Mo, Diane and I really appreciate your support.

Diane’s show will be up all month. Masterfully created, her sculptures are a delight to the eyes and a giggle to your sense of humour.

Just for fun, a visual giggle on Main Street.

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