Now this makes my teeth sweat!

Check out this beauty a 1929 Model A Rat Rod!Custom built by Dennis Farnsworth form bits and pieces. Not one piece bought, all traded the ultimate in recycling. It took Dennis just over a year to build, he finished it in May of 2016.


Not let see if I get this right. Front end is from a 49 chevy pick up, breaks a 52 chevy, the rear end is a Nisson Pathfinder.

The engine from Seattle is a 66 mustang 289, you know how I feel about Mustangs!

The pitman arm is from a Corvette.

And the body is from a museum in Fort Nelson, via from my good friend Jaime Pacheco. Dennis’s wonderful wife, the street racer, she confessed to me, Arleyene is a fabulous painter! You can see her work at the Roots and Fruits festival on Saturday and the car will be in the parade.

I found out why it is called a Rat Rod. Because the metal is raw and the body is not painted.

I do love the details on these old cars!

The hood ornament is a copy of the original from the 1929 Model A. Dennis put a lot of time and love into this. He is selling it for $12,000. Runs like a top and the perfect accessory for scooting round town.

PS they are also looking for a car dolly.

Thank you so much for the ride and the fun. I love old cars! And some advice from Dennis when you are hot roding around. “Keep it between the ditches”.

The sound of a good engine makes my teeth Sweat!

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1 Response to Now this makes my teeth sweat!

  1. Jaime Pacheco says:

    I purchased the original car from a fellow in Fort Nelson, who had it in storage at the museum for around 25 years. I had it hauled to Oliver in early May, 2015. I sold it to Dennis the following month and this is the results of his hard labour. Great story, Leza.


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