Good Morning Oliver

We have decided on  “Social Column“.

Let’s give them something chat about! 2007

One definition of Social Column is writing about people who are fashionable. Well farmers are fashionable, so are artists and the people of Oliver are very fashionable. I think I am on the right track.

To my surprise most of you did not like “Gossip Column”. Okay!

Nothing is written in stone till Sept 1. The Dressmaker, Dianne and I were watching birds in the yard and I gave her a task to come up with the perfect word. A few Quail later she says “Social Column” I like it!

I am also working on the look. This is definitely fun!

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1 Response to Good Morning Oliver

  1. Val Annen says:

    So glad you’re having fun and “Social Column” is a wonderful name. It says fashionable and so much more 🙂


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