Only in Oliver!

Uncork the Sun!

We rocked we rolled . . . again, to the sound of Jack and Jill! We do like to have community parties and the world is welcome! And that Jill can really belt out a tune! Nice!

The Downtown Browns, looks like they took a moment from their volunteering for a snuggle and a wee sip . Thank for volunteering!

Tony Munday takes and evening off, sort of, with the lovely Brooke and the little ones.

Who is that fellow with Councilor Petra?

Nice to see the guy who takes care of our Pets, Dr Grant performing a perfect full off the ground daughter swing-around!

The Volunteers who do all the hard work! Thank you!

The Artist are hanging out at the Oliver Roots and Fruits Expo today at the park. Sally, Luba and Arylene invite you to come on down to the park for lots of fun, lost of art, Bees, they have a Bee Station, got to check that out! Petting Zoo! Pie baking, now that means happy tummys!

Off to the Parade!

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