A full house was had at the Woman of Oliver for Women show! Lots of tables full of great stuff and lots of people to enjoy them! Bernice was there with her beautiful dolls . . I have one on my bed! I thought the wall board was old wood . . peel and stick wall paper . . love this from Alberto’s. In a world of . . well I need not say more . .  Mavis and Sharon are out there promoting friendship . . I think more of us should follow their lead!!!! One of the hardest working Artist in town . .  Mary Fry to get your ideas off the ground! and we both went to Emily Carr . . . Soap from Symphony, her real name . . Thanks Dad for giving your daughter such a beautiful name! Olivers Art Council supporting the Arts in Oliver. AGM Monday at 9:30. Money for Education . . take advantage of it! The Beautiful Flower Child . .  Charlotte of Flower Fantasy and Gifts. I know of her generosity to the community first hand! For all your flowers! Flower Fantasy and Gifts!!! And the Dressmaker, Dianne from Maker Place . . . xo Now I always called them Thunder Balls . . . they are called Geos . . next to the lovely Artist Kim . . . hope you gave Emily a squeeze for me.And finally after a long day . . Country Wines . .  the Waxwings ate all my wine grapes last year . . hopefully they will leave them and I can make a nice little vintage for 2019!

. . and that wraps another WOW show . . . Women helping Women!

Thank you to the organizers and volunteers!

Now maybe Arty Smarty can get their enforcer back! Miss Sally!

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  1. Louisa Petersen says:

    I’d love the contact information for Symphony the soap maker!


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