Festival of the Grape . . . Only in Oliver!

I1MG_1646Oliverites love it when it rains and rain it did for Sunday’s Festival of the Grape.

Gracie Grape is ready to greet the FOG guest. Kelan is warmly tucked inside the costume and it can get warm in there. Gracie Grape posing with Mom Tracy and sister Laura.1IMG_1654These guys are ready to stomp.1IMG_1672Waiting for the parade to start.1IMG_1659-(1)Staying dry under the tent.1IMG_1665A smile from the little drummer girl.1IMG_1663The Lucy’s are back, nice to see them.1IMG_1681The Goddess of Wine, Bacchus, also know as Councilwoman Petra is styling in a new design from the Maker Place.1IMG_1695Braving the rain.1IMG_1707Just a wee sample of the great costumes the grape stomper put together for the Festival of the Grape.1IMG_1735And a small sample of the Festival of the Grape parade.

More photos to come as I edit them.

The Festival of the Grape is just one of the reasons I love to live in Oliver. It was a great weekend!

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