Check that off the Bucket List!

Good Morning Oliver, I feel like this is my Sunday!IMG_1789It was so much fun volunteering at the Festival of the Grape and very rewarding this year.

I was looking forward to the challenge of the “Sabrage of the Oliver Bubbly” shot.

(That is wacking the cork off with a sword) This is a challenging shot to say the least, however, I have done it many times in my career.

Secretly I have always wanted to try it.  IMG_1790MLA Linda Larsen needed a stand in due to her schedule. I bounce up and down and she picked me!IMG_1791First I gave my camera to Don Lawlor and I can see I was more surprise than anyone! The cork came off with the first good wack!IMG_1793So much fun! I admit I watched the pros very carefully over the years!IMG_1794That kitchen knife looks a little scary in my hands!IMG_1795A little posing going on!IMG_1796May I take a bow, one thing off the bucket list!

Love Oliver, more photos as I edit them.

I can’t give Rhoda, our fearless leader, 1000 photos with raindrops on them.

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3 Responses to Check that off the Bucket List!

  1. Claire and Chuck Smith says:

    OMG 🍾Leza it has been such fun following you and your love for your beautiful Community! We struck it rich when we finally connected as family! Claire💗💞


  2. shane melnuk says:

    What a perfect stand in you make.Nice job with the cork pop.


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