It was a Dark and Smokey Night

The door bell rang . . .

A dark figure with a bright halo was standing at the door . . .

She had a present in her hands . . . for me!

Not just any present . . . it came in a bug box!!!!

There was my BFF at my door with a praying Mantis in a bug box!!!!

Does it get any better?

Meet Hey Zeuss de Cinco.

After two days of trying to domesticate Hey Zeuss by wrapping a plant in netting to create a wee mansion for him and catching two crickets to feed him, I realized this roommate was not going to work! I felt really bad for the crickets!

Hey Zuess now lives in the flowerpot outside my desk window. He or she has been there over a week, has caught his own dinner of fuzzy male bees . . . and is getting tame enough to crawl onto my finger. ‘Cause he knows I always put him back in his wee garden of eden.

I swear he gives me the hairy eyeball when I water the plant!

I do love bugs!

Thank you Dianne!

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