. . Oliver had a Great Weekend . .

The Rock and Roll Picnic at the Community Centre was a great start to the weekend!The Golden Hot Dog was up for grabs, may the best hot dog win!Defending champ of the Golden Hot Dog, Chef Nick from Mica Restaurant at Spirit Ridge, serving his awesome Fruits, Roots (and Toots) Dog to Sandy. Secret ingredient . . . smoked peach mustard and beans . . . yuppers says my taste buds!

Chef Derek’s Oliver Eats Deli Dog had sauerkraut and hot mustard! Two of my fave tastes!Some serious competition going on here! A little corporate spying going on Mrs. Chef Nick!And the winner of the Golden Hot Dog 2018 is . . . drum roll . . .The Elvis, a tasty little number with peanut butter, bacon, onions and a dill pickle on top! Congratulations to The Wienery and Chef Campbell!Firehall’s Sid and his mini Me out styling at the picnic!Like Grandpa Like Grandson . . . love a good slushy at a picnic!Oliver was out enjoying the music, the food and best of all each other!And it take a lot of fabulous volunteers to make this picnic work!A great big thank you to the volunteers . . . and now to get some rest because Friday night was just the beginning.

The Fruits & Roots ExpoSelfie Booth designed by Dianne Gibson and Me!The beautiful and talented Miss Petite South West BC, Chelsea! This girl knows how to handle a pitch fork.Oliver Gothic, our First Lady, artist Tara Hovanes and Mr. Mayor, Ron Hovanes.  Trying not to laugh!Just a few of the Sunflowers in Oliver!Paige and Ahmad, the world will be in good hands with young people like these two! And they are two of my favs! Speaking of taking care of the planet . . BEES!No comment on the division of work . . . Oliver’s got Talent! Check out the heal-toe foot work! Perfect!Colour! Textures and fabrics . . . Love the movement on these costumes!A little stand up comedy, we like people who just want to make us laugh  Oliver Gothic . . . at its best!The kids got to walk the line . . . Ride around in style!Play with the sweetest baby goats . . . Ride bulls and so much more . . . Parks and Rec Manager Carol puts a lot of time energy and her own music into this festival and all the events at the community centre! We thank her for her creativity. Here she is tuning up, getting ready for her next set! The purpose of a community fair . . . Is to hang out and get to know the neighbours!I think this years Fruits and Roots Festival did just that.

And now for the week! What will it bring!

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1 Response to . . Oliver had a Great Weekend . .

  1. Shauna Burbidge says:

    Great pictures Leza! I was in the hall with the exhibits all day and didn’t venture into the smokey air so I missed the rest of the fun.


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