What’s up at the Library?


Registration for SRC opens at the Oliver branch starting June 15.
Programs are for ages 5-12 unless noted as an “Everyone Welcome” event.

Thursday July 5 @ 7 pm – World of Reptiles
LOOK OUT! Reptiles at the Oliver library. Creeping, crawling, slither and sliding reptiles are coming to the library. Our guest Patrick Lamontagne from the OKANAGAN WORLD OF REPTILES will introduce you to some of his favorite friends. If you are brave enough you might be able to touch them. YIKES!

Thursday July 12 @ 7 pm—Bubble Wonders
Geoff Akins AKA The Bubble Man will amaze you in the world of bubbles. His amazing bubble tricks include the bubble caterpillar, bubble volcano, the dancing bubble, bubbles inside of bubbles, KID inside a Bubble and so much more. Anything is possible. THIS IS AN EVERYONE WELCOME EVENT.

Thursday July 19 @ 7 pm– SOAP (South Okanagan Amateur Performers)
Lights! Camera! Action! Let’s play and have lots of laughs. This is your chance to become an actress or actor. Show your stuff. Become a STAR! Join our guest Nathan Linders from (S.O.A.P.) for some acting fun.

Thursday July 26 @ 7 pm – Beat the Drums
Let’s make music together. Beat the drums and move with the rhythm and the rhythm of the beat. Our guest Barb Seiler will introduce us to big and small drums and together we will create some wonderful sounds.

Thursday August 2 @ 7 pm – A Minute to Win it.
Let’s fool around and play some games. Stack it, carry it, wrap it, eat it or toss it. Who will be the winners? Join us for fun and laughs.

Thursday August 9 @ 7 pm – Magician Leif David—HE’S BACK!
Back by popular demand! Magician Leif David will bring us his brand new magic show MOTION COMMOTION. Don’t blink or you might miss a trick.

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