Tara Hovanes, Artist

Tara Hovanes, Olivers First Lady, was born and raised here. Her gorgeous Mom Yvonne, born and raised here and her husband, Mr. Mayor as well. I’d say they were true blue Oliverites.

Tara has opened her Gallery on McKinney Rd. When the sign is out she is open for business, pop in and enjoy the art.

IMG_9113Other times call . . . 250-485-2500 (cell) or hovanes@telus.net or connect with her through her website http://www.tarahovanesart.ca/gallery/

IMG_9109Tara is by the window the cats cruise through when Mr. Mayor is in the adjoining wood working shop . . . and when he makes a sawdusty mess, Tara just shuts the window. Please note the wall replaced a line on the floor when they shared a studio.

Patrons around the world have Tara’s work in their collections.  It is fun, with bold colours, great lines and very well painted. This is the time to collect Tara’s work.

Take a quiet moment in Tara’s gallery and enjoy some very exciting art.

Our First Lady, another fabulous woman in Oliver.

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