Baaad Anna’s Yarn Tasting at Maker Place

Dianne Gibson’s Maker Place hosted Baaad Anna’s Roadtrip 2018 Wednesday night. Ladies gathered to sample many kinds of yarn, enjoy the colours and share ideas! Also a lot of munching and snacking. Maker Place was full of beautiful colours of yarn!The ladies were excited by the touchy feely of the gorgeous yarns. Paula, owner of Baaad Anna’s, points out some differences in the yarns to Brenda, her upcycled garments are available at Maker Place.Cecelia and Rachel have only been knitting a few years. What started them on knitting? Cecelia rides a motorcycle, saw a leather jacket with Cowichan inserts, and like all fabulous women knew she could do it herself. However first she had to learn to knit. So off they went and learned how to knit!So amongst the digging, the drilling, the total destruction of peaceful reatail space, the Dressmaker is making it work.

For information on up coming classes or if you want to book the space, connect with Dianne at Maker Place.

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