Good Morning Oliver!

What a fabulous long weekend!

Did anyone attended the Royal Wedding? I love a good romance.

I reduced Mount MacDuck to a very manageable state and I will be having a garage sale on Saturday morning!

After four days at home unpacking, finding my pots and pans was big, camping with one pot is not my cooking style! I can’t believe some of the stuff I have collected over the years. Glassware, books, dolls, just fun stuff that I don’t want anymore. I might part with my 150 champagne glasses . . . maybe.

Lots of changes this week.

Knock this one off the Bucket List. I will be shutting down the LezaMacdonaldArtGallery at the end of the week.

I always thought I wanted a gallery, doesn’t every artist. I loved doing the work, hanging the shows, filling the holes in the walls, and hanging with the Artist.

I learned that I did not like being in the same place at the same time on a regular basis.

I am a photographer, I might have spent a few days at a time in the same location however most of the time I was all over the place. I found being at the gallery difficult and I could not do my own art. I am very selfish that way I must do my art first or I will crash!

Having the gallery was an awesome experience! I thank Mo from Beyond Bliss for giving me the opportunity! I think Sarah, Cass and Krystal are amazing young women and I met a lot of fabulous people I would not have. I will be popping in and out of their new location! They are not getting rid of me that easy.

A big thank you to the Artists, Diane Gane, Linda Anderson, Nick Robertson, Dawn MacRae, Sally Franks, Tara Hovanes, Marion Trimble and a special thank you to Miss Emma and Miss Ava, both 11 years old and both had great show.

And a big thank you to the Patrons.

The gallery was fun, a learning process, some very surprising moments and the bottom line is, a profit was made.

What is next?

I will be concentrating on!

Stay tuned.

Have yourself a great week in paradise!

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1 Response to Good Morning Oliver!

  1. Linda Anderson says:

    And also a big thank-you to you for having me as your November Artist of the Month! Your positivity is an inspiration! I wish you much success, creativity and happiness in whatever path you follow!


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