The Ribbon is cut and the Oliver & District Heritage Society Museum is Open!

The permanent exhibit Deep Roots is officially open. Oliver this is your history, check this out!

Julianna and Manda, the hard working women behind the scene cut the ribbon!

Marianne and Kurt checking out the exhibits! You can see the photo booth behind them. Now that is fun. The booth is full of hats and costume with a green screen and a real high tech Selfie system that can instantly send your photo anywhere in the world.

Wander through and see the Soap Box Derby trophy from the ’50’s. Gorgeous Trophy! And we still have soap box derbies here in Oliver.

Go spend some time in jail! Check out the accommodations complete with spittoon and thunder pot.

The Oliver Museum is THE place for history buffs like Jess, a photographer with a passion for finding our what happened to the Townsite of Fairview. Keep us informed of your finds Jess.

Oliver Councillors Larry and Petra, with MP Dick Canning celebrate the opening with Heritage Prez, Sue Morhun.

What an interesting place to spend some time. The Artifacts are beautifully displayed. Lots of interactive stuff for all ages. The place to go to learn about our fabulous town of Oliver. The museum is within the ancestral, traditional, and unceded territory of the Sylix Nation.

The Jailhouse light is on, is there an overnight guest . . . or is it just a ghost!!!

One more place that makes Oliver  . . .Fabulous!!

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