Sick as a Dog!

My beautiful Chocolate

Why do we blame our sick days on man’s best friend?

I looked it up and it is from the 17 century, because dogs throw up it said . . . Hummmmm

My beautiful Chestnut and the wee Dr. Ling Batman

If that is the case I’m thinking sick as a cat! With hair balls, attitude and I am going to eat all the grass I can then come inside and throw up all over your clean floor, I am thinking Man’s best friend is getting shafted.

I have been sick as a cat these past few days. This bug knocked me on my ass! I  could not lift my head up off the pillow and if I moved, well I barked like a seal.

This bug is going around Oliver, take care of yourselves out there.

I’m thinking I might want to buy stock in Buckley’s, taste like turpentine but stops the coughing.

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