A new book!

Jim Bowering, local writer has a new Si Fi book.

“The Plainsrunner is a bit of a departure for me, after the Green Comet trilogy.  There I was working with people quite similar to us, other than the fact that they live in comets in deep space.  Here, with Sage, I’m dealing with a young woman with four hooves and two hands, living on a planet. One day she’s a girl running across the prairie, creating adventures with the giddy energy of youth, and the next she’s banished from her village and trying to survive a long, solitary trek to a distant city.

Leza and I invite you to join in Sage’s journey with us as we present the story almost as soon as it comes out of my pen.


Chapter one: https://greencomet.org/?wpdmdl=4628

Downloads page from Green Comet trilogy: https://greencomet.org/downloads/

Stay tuned for more from Jim!

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3 Responses to A new book!

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  2. arjaybe says:

    It’s working well, Leza. Lots of downloads already. I’m preparing chapter two now.


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  3. Laird Smith says:

    Great writing! Leaves one hanging at the end.


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