Blue Moon in Oliver!

And where were the Ladies?

At the Dressmakers, creating Vision Boards!

Hélène and Carol cut out words and photos and laughed and chatted.

Cindy showed us the circle of her mind.

Suzi glued down her inner Mermaid.

Terry’s contentment put a smile on everyones face.

JoAnn smiles and glues all those little thoughts together to make a statement!

Brenda “tied” her vision board with fabric and pins.

Dianne, the Dressmaker  hosted the Blue Moon Goddess event in her studio on Station St. Thanks Dianne a great time was had by all. Aimee got back to nature and sunshine and just a few thoughts of her little ones.

Shauna, HOLD on, the little one will be with you soon, then you will be able to hold the wee baby!

It is all about the sparkle and lights as Dianne explains the concept of lighting up her designs to Trish and Carol.

The evenings magical aroma came from Trish and Young Living Essential Oils. Perfect for the evening.

Cut! Cut! Think! Think! went the evening . . . This gives me a tune in my head Andrea.

Carolyn’s vision board is growing and changing.

Words of wisdom from Andrea and Dianne.

And we all went home with a treasure to guide us to our next success on this planet.

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