Good Morning Oliver! 7 Sleeps to Christmas

I love to wake up to a little decorator snow on the bluff. Looks like Christmas!

One week till the DAY! Has everyone been appropriately naughty and nice . . I hope so.

Is the shopping done? how about the baking . . nope on my part. Been a wee bit busy with moving and the Gallery and

Come visit the gallery, support the high school kids, they did a great job on their photo assignment, and Paul and Barb Eby did a beautiful job of printing the final works.

Paul Eby’s on Main Street for all your photo needs!

Must thank you again for your support! It does make me smile when I see so many visit . . .  apparently “Hits” is not the correct term, over 19,600 this A M.

Plan, that is the word for my holidays. I jumped into the Gallery and blindly. Combine that with the move and I need to stop, look at what I have done and build a plan for the future. I like what is happening but need more of a direction.

After 6 months of flying by the seat of my pants I think I have enough info to come up with the direction I really want to go.

Flexability, understanding my audience and knowing things will not go the way I want them to is the key!

The most fun of this is you, the people who enjoy the photos and captions and stop into the Gallery and chat with me about what is happening in Oliver and the history of Oliver, I love that!

Do come  into the gallery, enjoy the art, get a gift certificate or make an appoinment to pamper yourself at Beyond Bliss.And let me take your photo with Gallery Girlfriend. My gift to you! Merry Christmas!

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