Just an afternoon walk on Main Street.

Brenda Parfitt of Oneup Oliver with her amazing upscaled garments, was at the Gallery for the afternoon. You can find Brenda’s work at the Dressmakers on Station St.

For some green cleaning I found Trish Seidler at Pur Zen. With all the chemicals out there we really need to be aware of the environment and choose our products responsibly. I loved and I need the mop! Connect with Trish at 250.689.0146

 Enjoy some Corsus soaps and lotions to pamper yourself . . . send Kathy an email at kathy.e@corsus.ca

Essential Oils for our furry friends! Yuppers connect with Nina at www.mydoterra.com/ninamunckhof

Check out Joanne Schaffrick’s essential oils to wrap your life in feel good aromas! Connect with Joanne at koakaiwellness@outlook.com

After a chilly walk back to the Gallery and Beyond Bliss for a great cup of Wolf Tree Coffee. Just a little energy boost to get most of that Christmas shopping done with Beyond Bliss Gift Certificates.

Just another afternoon on Main Street in Oliver.

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