Dear Oliver, Thank you!

“All of Her, Skater Girl”

Thank you so much for your support!! Over 16,000 hits in less than 4 months. is located at 6250 Main St. Feel free to drop in and give me something to chat about.

I am having lots of fun with plan B. The Gallery is great fun and a hugh learning curve.‘s is fun. However moving the studio from McGowan to Rd 2 is a bit taxing.

One of oliveronline’s stories was on the Small Wheels Skate Park. Our Legion 97 was very kind in their support of Parks and Rec and the young people who will benefit from the park. I hung out with the kids for awhile and this is the painting that came from that meeting. Still in progress.

When I was younger I had an old wooden skate board, I swear the wheels where off roller skates, I would push till the top of the hill, skate all the way down to the flat part, stick out my thumb and catch a ride to the Eldorado for a wee splash with my friends. Oh the days of my youth and no broken bones.

The season to be jolly is upon us . . .oh good . . . the Gallery and Beyond Bliss will celebrate this with a Ladies night extravaganza! Stay tuned for details.

And again thank you for the support!


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1 Response to Dear Oliver, Thank you!

  1. Mo says:

    You are doing an awesome job Leza…and glad to have you on Main Street…so much negative in the world and our little town so nice to see the great things that are accomplished by great people in this community without throwing each other under the bus


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