Be an educated voter!

Tonight at 6:30 in the Legion Hall on Main St. meet the candidates.

These are the brave people who are putting their time, privacy and hard work to making your town the wonderful place it is to live!

You will not agree with everything they have to say but we are all adults here and know we are not always going to get our way.

This by-election is costing the town THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS so get out there, be an educated voter and vote for the best fit for you and the town!

Best of luck to all the Candidates!


Aimee Grice

Susan Kosola

Charles Pollard

Donald Lawlor

David Mattes

Peter McKenna

Lutz Stelzner

Patrick Hampson

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1 Response to Be an educated voter!

  1. Syd says:

    I’m voting for Susan Kosola. She gets things done, with humour!


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