Peter McKenna for Oliver Council

What are you thinking! Running for council, opening yourself up to public scrutiny?

Always been interested, always worked on campaigns, I have now decided to put my name in the ring!

When on council, how do you represent people with an opposite opinion to yours, specially if theirs is the majority?

You listen, take in thoughts, ideas and considerations. Look at the pros and con’s. Make a decision. You will not be popular with everyone!

Name a historical leader you admire.

JFK. He was a leader! Knew what he wanted, knew how to listen and knew how to work with people.

Define leadership.

A leader is someone who is respected, listens, makes decisions for the betterment of the town and country.

What do you want to say to those who see only a bald man?

A lot of thought went through this head of mine. Had to pull my hair out sometimes, all for the betterment of the cause!

Why should we trust you?

I’m honest! Trustworthy, and have been respected by every group I have belonged too.

Would you rather live in a good dictatorship or a bad democracy?

Neither! If you are corrupt there is no honesty, no respect you loose support! Nothing should be under dictatorship!

It is the word of the people that counts!

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