Where the Boys Are.

Shopping with Mom!

Axel, 4 and ¾, left, styling that Dinosaur shirt and Adam who did not want to tell me his age, he might have been doing a bit of blueberry testing, were very helpful pushing their Mom’s, groceries around Buy Low.

For those of us that have been around since the dinosaur age, it is obvious Axel’s shirt represents a tyrannosaurus rex. I remember them well. Axel likes to shop at BuyLow because they let him eat apples and he likes apples.

Adam has got this grocery shopping down pat. Mom, Emily says she loves Buy Low,  it is kid friendly with the mini carts and the free fruit! I like to shop there too because I like the people that work there!

Lots of gossip to be found in the grocery store.

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1 Response to Where the Boys Are.

  1. Val Annen says:

    The grocery shopping boys are the cutest!!


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