Good Morning Oliver!!!

It was one of those weekends where I just lay around and drank and slept and slept and slept. This is the worst cold I have had in years.

When my friends are sick I always offer them Jungle Juice. I swear by it.

Jungle juice.

  • One lemon rolled on counter, grate the rind, cut in half squeeze juice in jug, julienne the left over rind into jug
  • 2 pieces of ginseng
  • garlic clove
  • same amount of ginger
  • a few shakes of turmeric
  • a few shakes of cayenne pepper
  • Honey

Add hot water and enjoy, taste a bit like neo citron but you can pronounce all the words! You can also cut it with bubbly water very tasty!

I also got plastered!!!

  • 1 table spoon hot mustard
  • 2 table spoons flour
  • add water to make paste.

Smooth onto a tea towel, not your nice french ones!

Place on chest for about 20 min.

Be very careful not to burn yourself

I think this is what broke up the cold!

Stay healthy, ’cause I do need to gossip about you and if you are home with a cold, how can I gossip about you!!

Enjoy another fine day in paradise!


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3 Responses to Good Morning Oliver!!!

  1. Terry Irvine says:

    Good to hear you’re on the mend.


  2. Maureen Doerr says:

    Love it…you are great….


  3. Jim Bowering says:

    It must be working. You got your voice back.-)



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