Down on Main Street

Who’s that painting on the street? 

Lorraine Horn!

We met Lorraine’s work yesterday, her black and white egress painting is hanging in the Burrowing Owl Guest House Gallery. Caught up with Lorraine painting on the street in front of Sue Schaffrick’s Oliver Shoe and Fashion.

In 2013 Lorraine saw some paintings and thought “I can do just as good . . now I am not so sure.” Four years of painting later, this is the results. Beautiful!

Eagle Owl, 2017 by Lorraine Horn

Lorraine is using lots of texture with gel medium. Look closely at this painting you can see the tips of the wings are actually built up about half an inch from the canvas and the faded background visually pushes the Owl off the canvas.

Painting gives Lorraine a sense of peace and excitement!  Like all artists she is her own worst critic, as she strives to feel the WOW factor. Lorraine don’t worry, I got that covered for you . . WOW!

Who inspires Lorraine – Diane Gane! Me too!

August 12, Diane will be the feature artist at the Firehall Brewery Back Alley Concerts featuring the music of Terence Jack and the wine from Hidden Chapel Winery!

The message Lorraine wants to send out to Oliver is – let’s bring the community together, let’s be neighbourly! Come on down to Main Street, take some time to wander through the Sagebrusher’s Gallery. It is free to look, come and see the talent Oliver has to offer!

Take a moment to have a chat with Lorraine and give her that WOW she is working so hard to achieve. You’ll put a big smile on her face!

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