Wine Tasting with the Ladies

First stop Montakarn Estate Winery on Black Sage Rd. Just look for the red roof.

Moya, Sue, and the Dressmaker Dianne, were greeted and entertained by owner, Gary, styling an electrifying blue dragon print shirt, available off the wrack in the winery. Lots more colours and prints too. Rumour has it they even sell matching underwear . . briefs or boxers! Come see.

Next stop Bartier Brothers, ran into Ron from Vine to Wine tours carrying out a box of wine for Barbara & Wayne Tucker from Topsail, Newfoundland and Anita and David Tucker for Lethbridge, Alberta.

Continuing along Black Sage Rd. we stopped in at Platinum Bench Winery and Bakery. We are greeted by Wally, the Portuguese Water dog  – treats just inside to the right, jar marked “treats”.

Treats for the people are wonderful morsels of breads paired to your wine, very nice! Owner and baker, Fiona, makes about 280 loaves of bread a day. Such a special treat!

While the ladies were tasting at the Burrowing Owl, I slipped away and took a look at the Private Guest House Gallery. Love this by Lorraine Horn.

Love this by Hella Prochaska, there is a lot more beautiful art in the gallery, these two spoke to me.

Final stop C.C. Jentsch Cellars, where we were totally educated and entertained by Michael.

The ladie’s tastebud were tickled by refreshing whites and some bold reds. I enjoyed some very nice 2017 Okanagan waters, someone needed to be the D.D. We want to be responsible out there. Cheers!


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1 Response to Wine Tasting with the Ladies

  1. Hilary Drummond says:

    Isn’t Oliver a wonderful place to live that we can do this kind of thing in our own backyard!!


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