Happy Happy Birthday Michael Morpurgo!!

Day 2 no FB. Think I feel better already . .

Today is my friend Michael Morpurgo’s birthday!

We have been friends since 1984!

July 1th long weekend, skip the long story, I had a bottle of tequila and salt, but no lemons. That would not do! I spotted the Keg down the street and went in the back entrance with my bottle of tequila and salt in search of a lemon. I announced to the empty hall I had a splash of tequila to trade for lemons, cut please.

Out of the office came Michael! Bam a life long friendship!

Please accept this wee gift my friend!

IMG_0139“The Lady in Cairo” 1976 Oil on board

But there is a catch . . you have to come up and get her!


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