Art in Oliver!

Oliver Art 2020! Arty Smarty started with a snowfall and temperatures about 10 below . .  like burr! And still the parents got their little ones to class. That’s work!

We are featuring a hat trick of great little boys today. A set of twins with an older brother, that’s a lot of energy to get to class and as we say . . incoming!  They were sidetracked today and not that interested in the  planned project, but  they totally entertained themselves building snowmen  . . .  . . . with backgrounds. I thought the addition of a background by 4 and 5 year olds was a rather sophisticated thought. However that is what happens when they hit the “stuff box” and come up with their own ideas.Art Leza MacdonaldOf course we needed a side of  rainbows with those snowy mountains and creatures. I’m thinking Pokemon!

Art One-oh One got off to a great start! The first hour – a study of highlights and shadows in black charcoal and white chalk on a beautiful brown midtone drawing paper. Second hour a blast of colour on canvas. We have room for drop ins this cycle!

And now a lot of fun at Jackson Triggs Winery with our hostess Danielle Hutton. Spring Blossoms was the subject for this paint session! A little contrast and wishful thinking to those parkas and freezing temps!  Remember the set of twins and big brother . .  Mom needed a bit of adult time. I love her composition!leza macdonald art oliver rec centreAll we need now is your signature! Beautiful!Leza Macdonald Paint night artAnd that begins the Art in Oliver for 2020 . .  Great start!

Thank you to Danielle and Oliver Parks and Rec for a great weekend! It’s going to be a creative year!


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