Good Morning Oliver! I’m Back

I took a little vacation from the Internet and it felt good. Where am I?

 I am at Maker Place on Station Street in Oliver. I have rented the two walls.

On one wall I put up my art.

And on the other wall I will have other artists work.

It’s a little mini Leza Macdonald Art Gallery and I call it Art Place at Maker Place.

You know how I like to showcase other people’s artwork.

So far I have prepared the walls which is my favorite things to do and hung the paintings. Next Thursday April 11 I will have a wee opening just for fun and I plan to keep it simple.

I took a staycation from the Internet because of my addiction to American politics! It helped! I spent time playing in my garden getting it prepared to enjoy a lovely spring and summer. Not sure what’s going to happen and I feel a humongous change coming on especially because I’m going to be 65, that’s a pensioner you know!

So we’ll be hanging out at Maker Place. 

I’ll be the one on the bench out front drinking coffee when it tickles my fancy. 

Come chat do look at the art! It is there for your collecting pleasure!

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