Good Morning Sunday!

I see doves and black birds and a hawk . . . he cleared the room!

It takes about a half an hour and they are back again. Quail, a few morning doves and lots of ringneck doves and the ones I call the little blonds and redheads. They all pair nicely with morning coffee.

Yesterday afternoon a hummingbird was at the back door! I could have touched it! The only thought I had was don’t breathe!

Arty Smarty at Oliver Parks and Rec ended with a whoot.

We were lucky enough to have very special guests, Biologist Lauren and Pluto the Burrowing Owl join us.

As demonstrated I don’t know how to draw an owl! They need a smile!

Children’s thoughts come out in art, yesterday was one of those days.

Serious concerns with love were expressed and a fear of Owls was addressed successfully.

From under the table, to a makeshift work station as far away from Pluto as possible, we put a safe distance between them.

A few moments later . . . back at the desk, a painting of the owl and a photo bravely standing close, not too close . . .  to the owl.


This is why Sally and I do this. We have our projects, however if they have something else in mind we really encourage their own ideas.

That is were the best art comes from!

Arty Smarty will start again Saturday, April 13 from 11 to noon.

Connect with at Oliver Parks and Rec to register.


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2 Responses to Good Morning Sunday!

  1. arjaybe says:

    So, who was under the table, Leza? It wasn’t the photographer, was it?-)

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  2. Dianne Bersea says:

    Such a wonderful art project!

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