Maker Place Orchards are in Bloom!

14 Ladies and good conversation . . .Pair well with paint and creativity!Our hostess Dianne with Councilwoman Aimee add Mother Nature’s spring lace to their trees.Patti finishes her Cherry Blossom’s with a signature!Thank you Claire! You wanted to paint Cherry Blossoms . .  your wish is our command! So much fun! I love the way dancer Andrea’s Cherry tree rises onto the stage.

PS The painting of the dancer behind the dancer was done about 2010. Collected by Dianne before she came to Oliver. Is it up for re collection? Is that a word? There are many Artists represented at Maker Place. There should be a wedding under that tree Miss Isabell! This was so much fun! I tell my students if you don’t do the project I assign and do your own thing I am even happier . . . Martina makes me smile! And she takes really good care of our pets!Love the way the trunk turns. In Vicki’s I see a woman holding up a veil of Cherry Blossoms! Absolutely beautiful Cris!Instead of flower corey got this class and an evening with the ladies! We all thank her  Hubby!How much fun was this?

We had a waiting list so we will have another Cherry Blossom Paint Night Wednesday March 26 at 6:30. Connect with Dianne at Maker Place to register!Enjoy these on your walls for many years to come. Congratulations Ladies on your fabulous results!

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