Just when you need it . . Kids Art!

IMG_5171“Strength” in progress by Davin.”

Davin is very focused and has a plan to achieve his vision of an elephant and her baby on the savannah.

On a smaller canvas he mixed colours, checked them out, does this work? Then he decided on his colour palette. After a few studies of elephants and the composition, Davin was prepared to paint!

Just for fun last week we dumped paint and mashed it around . . . IMG_5176“Spotted Valley” by Davin, 2019

IMG_5179We spent a lot of time analyzing the light and shape of the elephants wrinkles . . . a familiar subject . . . Davin’s challenge next week will be his colour matching.

I just remember what Picasso said . .“If I don’t have red, I use blue.”

Stay tuned for the results!



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