Art One-oh-One Skeleton is out of the Closet!

Bringing my friend Bella Bones to class!IMG_5130Measuring her up!IMG_5145You could hear a pin drop with the concentration going on.IMG_5142 (1)And underneath our thinking cap is a little butterfly.IMG_5143Dancer Andrea . . . IMG_5146has got Bella Bones’s back!IMG_5149Observation, comparisons between Andrea and Bella made for a better understanding of drawing the human body.IMG_5151Like other primates we have opposable thumbs. Ours is longer than most primates and it helps us grasp things more easily.IMG_5153Dancing . . IMG_5159Dancing . . .In all my years in Art Schools . . 8 . . . plus many many drawing classes. . . I have never had a skeleton in class. We were fascinated by her, examined her, moved her limbs counted her wrist bones and all of us know we look just like her on the inside.IMG_5152the results . .  by Artist Diane Game.

The skeleton is very complex, imagine drawing one. This skeleton is a cast it is illegal to have real human bones.

And this is what we do at Oliver Parks and Rec.


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