Friday Night in Oliver, Oliver Arena’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Now let me process this . . I live in Oliver a little tiny town and I have had the pleasure of photographing the Montreal Canadiens Alumni and our very fine home team Oliver Big Horns! This wasn’t even on my bucket list!

 Chief Louie sports my fav jersey as he welcomes our visitors.

Montreal Canadiens Alumni team put on a great show.

 Opening Ceremonies at the Oliver Arena’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

Friday night at the arena, with the Dressmaker Dianne and the grandsons an exciting evening was had.

We did the wave. Enjoyed fabulous hockey! I’m not really sure what the score was . . . does it matter?

When I was a kid I loved hockey. I plastered my walls with photos of Montreal’s captian, number 4, number retired, Jean Bélieveau.

Also Mark Lindsay, he was lead singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders . . they wore spandex before it was invented.

I was thinking this is about 50 years ago when there was only 6 teams in the league. I can still hear Bélieveau to Cournoyer, Cournoyer to Ferguson, Ferguson to Believeau . . he shoots he scores it’s hockey night in Canada! Brings a smile to my face.

However in my mind I could not attend any Montreal Canadiens game with out my hero Jean . .  I improvised. How do you like my date.

The cutest photos are the Pewwee team playing against the Habs during the 1st intermission. Some really good skaters and then the cuties that make you go awe.

 A little warm up, just like the pros!

Inspiration! Big skates to follow.

  Gotcha by the scruff of the neck!

 Upside down hockey!

 Loved the way the big guys throw the little ones around like a football  . . .

A photo to remember!

Floran, 10  was the lucky winner of the signed hockey stick! He got to test drive it and take  a few shots at the goal. Floran plays right wing for the Black Jack Atom Division. Congrats.

A game well played . . .  and memories that will last a lifetime.

Oliver Ambassador Enola shows her photos to a few of the younger audience.

Let’s just enjoy this photo again.

Well done Carol and crew from Oliver Parks and Rec. A big thank you for hours and hours of work.

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1 Response to Friday Night in Oliver, Oliver Arena’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations

  1. Bill Ross says:

    It was a once in a life time for this to happen in Oliver


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